Giving Back

I believe in the spirit of giving back through the stewardship principles of Time, Talent and Treasure. My former career as a nonprofit director and a fundraising professional and the legacy of my parents inspire me to serve even today. Currently, I am the executive board of the Friends of the Millis Pubic Library and spearhead its biannual book sale. I am also involved in my local parish, St. Joseph Catholic Church, and sing in the choir.

There are so many wonderful charitable organizations out there. Here are a few that I am passionate and care deeply about.

I urge everyone to give their time to the cause they care about. Give your time: Time is a very precious gift. Share your talent: Whatever your talent, share it so that someone who needs that gift is being served. Treasure: When it comes to financial support, charitable organizations need help. Whatever dollar amount you can spare, help out.

Give generously in whatever way you are able because in giving back we all are one.