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School Visits

I love to visit schools and share with students the joys of reading and writing. “The Magical Day” complements the Common Core Social Studies Curriculum, as well as touching on important skills and ideas students and teachers can carry back to the classroom. To schedule your school visit or for more information connect with me or email me at: 

Email: sandra@sandraelainescott.com


“The Magical Day was a great addition to our study, “The World of Work.” It sparked great conversations, connections and motivated our students to be agents of change. I really liked the last page where students were able to use the diagram provided to retell the story.

This resource is especially beneficial for struggling readers since the chart provides some support in retelling the main ideas of the story. I also really appreciated that the characters in the story showed varied and diverse members in our communities.”

“This book was a delightful read for anyone, but I would recommend this book to a reluctant reader. I especially liked page 44 which serves to summarize the story or could be used to help a student retell the story in their own words both orally or in writing.”


MDCOVER022616The Magical Day
by Sandra Elaine Scott

About the Book
Come along with Donovan on a fun adventure as he visits the United States for summer vacation. From the moment he arrives, Donovan begins a magical journey making new friends along the way.

This enchanting tale of self-discovery will delight kids of all ages as they explore the world around them and inspire readers to create their own magical days.

Book Details
Age Range: 5 – 9 years
Grade Level: Kindergarten – 3
Hardcover: 56 pages

Coloring Pages

You can join Donovan on his Magical Day with free coloring pages right here!

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